Pre-Scheduled Appointments

Vkonect offers a patented automated / online process of connecting  through productive pre-scheduled appointments. 

By intelligently matching hosted buyers based on their seller preferences, VKonect injects more value into every event.

Event organisers specify and oversee which hosted buyers are matching up with which sellers, with whom they can and should meet, and that the appointments are scheduled intelligently. Sellers request meetings by selecting attending hosted buyers based on specific criteria such as industry, segment, budget, or other profile data, and then prioritise meeting requests.

VKonect keeps rotating exhibitor pre-scheduled appointment lists to ensure there’s no laziness in fixing appointments and the adequate number and profile of hosted buyers have been selected and finalised for meetings.

The VKonect pre-scheduled appointments system automates the matching, eliminating manual processes, reducing scheduling hassles for exhibitors, and significantly increasing event productivity and ROI.

VKonect can therefore :

  • Drive attendee engagement and lasting business relationships
  • Facilitate pre-show preparation and uninterrupted, focused meetings
  • Maintain visibility and control over the entire programme
  • Increase matching quality and value by using participant recommendation / exclusion lists, advanced filtering options, and priority matching for VIPs
  • Ensure programme scalability and efficiency
  • Deliver appointment schedules seamlessly through integrated solutions such as Mobile Apps
  • Provide additional value and flexibility to Exhibitors